Students of the Week


Clockwise: Cecilia Cardenas (6th-138), Emmanuel Cruz (6th-138), Edwin Gutierrez (4th-235), Emmanuel Miranda (4th-235)

Center: Diego Gonzalez (4th-235)

5th/6th Grade

5th/6th Grade split class:

Landscape Unit…

5th Grade is doing Chinese Scroll painting with clear Foreground, Midground, and Background.

6th Grade is doing One-Point Perspective drawings in a color scheme.

South-West CPS All City Art Exhibition

Here is the amazing, talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic artists from Brighton Park Elementary:

Clockwise: Andrea Santoy Р7th Grade, Angelina Schrode Р6th grade sculpture and with artist, Emily Villicana Р6th Grade sculpture, Jamie Vela Р4th Grade 


Going to these events are always inspiring both in viewing art and connecting with other visual arts teachers. Here is some cool art from neighboring schools: